Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Was Funny Then...Cartoon Gag Postcards ca. 1905-1960

This post is here because I've always been a huge fan of Sam Henderson from the 90s zine days, & in general, his kind face cropping up around the hood in the so-called hey-day of Williamsburg. Sam's comicbook, The Magic Whistle has always been a favorite of mine. It mines the field of gags that you may find in Playboy, Mad, or even just The Family Circus. His humor is at times oblique and at other times poop-in-your-pants funny...and is often just about poopy pants. To push it all to another pondering level, he has a whole sub-genre of his own work that shows a gag, then has a caption that begins, "it's funny because..." which is funny because...

Anyhoo... Sam recently posted some 50s cartoon postcards on facebook. When I mentioned that I had a butt-load of these cards somewhere, Sam suggested I post mine. Today, though I certainly had other things to do, I looked...and looked. Well, I couldn't find the motherlode of exactly that type Sam was looking for, but as is often the case, I got sidetracked into a pretty decent sampling of things that...well...here. A brief overview of the cartoon gag postcard industry over a 50 year span (John Williams soundtrack please):

First tenant of the trade: Nothing is funnier than a wife joke. Period.

Unless a poem about women with dubious morals.

If that isn't funny enough: FAT Women...perhaps even a fat MAN! (by the way, I think the women are the most Sam's "type" ...of postcard)

Here are a few more of the 50s-60s era "Sam type":

These last three are my favorites of today's seach: "I'm Blowing Myself"; "Pooping Baby"; "The Old Cow Has Sagging Teets"... I don't know why. I just can't stop looking at them.

...I guess they're funny because...

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