Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another blast de la past: Amanda Nash. Edited this great erotica magazine called Paramour ca. mid-1990s. Now runs a B&B in Gloucester, MA... Amanda, I salute you! Here's her series of haikus in airports...

eero saarinen.*
impressive. but pales compared
to check-in line curves.

long wait at logan
all seats are taken. but! when
you get one, it's warm.

on the airport screens
CNN squalls anxiously.
i sip my decaf.

new york on alert.
jenny clears out. to fort bragg. (CA!)
no cell access there.

[remember earthquake in bam, iran? these are super old]

bam, iran. thousands
die. all the buildings fall down.
bam. bam. bam. bam. bam.

flying over the
ex boyfriend's building. doesn't
bother me. not much.

safety features: in
an emergency, open
the pod bay doors, hal.

sit beside me. friendly, yet

one from sf:

cole valley breakfast
jen compliments the owner
toast is abandoned

* architect of TWA building at Kennedy Airport. i
spelled this all on my own without even looking it up!
aren't i smart?

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