Sunday, December 13, 2009

Voila: Proverbial Monkey

I've told other creative types I know to do one of these blog things. Magazine type people, but no one has. I think people are still stuck in print mode. So this will be the new "beet", for those of you who know me from back then. The beauty of the blog is that there is no deadline, no running to the printer/xerox place, and glory halilujah, no friggin' collating! It may contain moments of self-promoting, ie- my band, my writing, my art, my bookselling biz, it may contain fan gushing over stuff I think is really cool, it may be just text for weeks at a time and all pictures at others. I have no clue. I will be open for submissions. Keep them brief and only send your best stuff. Other people's submissions may spur a stream of consciousness sub-plot for a week or month, or not. Anyway, do check in from time to time.

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