Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jose Padua: melanbucolia awareness...

Country Life

For lunch today I ate another ham,

egg, and cheese sandwich with whole

wheat Wizards of Waverly Place bread.

It’s a meal that neither thrills me nor bores

me because I am never bored, even by food,

though there are times when, like a cow

chewing grass beside the highway, I am

a little less than thrilled, and am a little

bit smelly. It’s been said that you are

what you eat, which today would make

me a pig, covered in cheese, with an

egg in its mouth. If the smell keeps

those delicate people who eat people

away, I’m all for it, but other than that

I don’t see it doing me much good.

-Jose Padua


That terrible beauty that waves

its hand to you from a float in a parade.

What is this sinking feeling, I get?

Why, if I return the gesture, is my smile

forced and false? Why do I feel that

we’ve gotten smaller, that there is

nothing but distance between me

and her sparkling white crown?

-Jose Padua


Bad poetry I can listen to all

day. I can laugh at it, or let it

bore me, keep my feet planted

firmly on the ground while I reach

out for a glass on the table

or something to scratch my back

with. But when it’s good all day

is too much. I just want a little

of it, and then I want you to shut

up. I want you to leave me alone.

-Jose Padua

Jose's sardonic sense of humor is sorely missed in this city and lost (apparently) to rural Virginia... He and his wife Heather Lynne Davis do a great blog:

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