Friday, December 18, 2009

Tim Tomlinson on failures to communicate...


In Heartbreak a half hour till sun-up

the barman dances with his best friend’s wife

to George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex,”

a loaded handgun tucked into his

beltless jeans. Opposite the jukebox

the game of 8-ball in the green felt glare

stops on a sloppy break that sends the cue

ball rolling between the legs of a bride

from Indiana whose husband is

interested, he tells the barman, in some

breakfast. That gets a laugh from the few of

us still hearing in English. The barman

says, “Well, could all use a little breakfast.”

The couple laughs like they heard some kind of joke.


Walking Home

On Sterling Place

I walk behind a man

walking home. He waves

to nine people who wave back.

This is, like, New York.



you no longer believe

things will change.


you might.


the failure

of your ex-wife’s poems

pleases you.

your own –

that hardly matters.


you have learned

not to ask questions

when they cry in your bed—


have answers

Tim is a great writing teacher. Was mine! I took his workshop in the 90s when I first started writing, you know, seriously. He now part of this New York Writers Workshop.

and here's an interview with Tim:

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