Monday, January 4, 2010

Hal Sirowitz...coming up short...short poems...on...

Relieved by her orgasm –

at least I knew she was still


Orgasms galore –

next time hoping she lets us

touch one another.

Don’t ask for whom

her body tolls – just help

with the ringing.

Casting a vote on sleeping together,

I placed my right hand over her breast –

she abstained.

The bird was caught in the rafters –

My hand was caught on her breasts –

Only my hand was removed.

She killed the fly –

she killed any attempt at conversation –

she could only kill the fly once.

Hal is... well, many of you know him as....

Author of Mother Said...

Author of Father Said...

...and...My Therapist Said...

As the biggest thing to hit Norway since Knut Hamsun...

As the poet laureate of Queens who we LOST...LOST, I say... to Philly!

As someone we miss here in the city, but oh well....wish him well there too...

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